Tuesday, October 16, 2012


In the second part of Zombzany and the Undead Doc Freak -- which I've titled "Freak Fails" -- Zombzany has fallen asleep sitting on his throne waiting for his new zombie slave, Doc Freak, to return with his coffee. Finally returning with a large cup, Doc Freak apologizes to Zombzany for serving him hot chocolate instead of coffee, explaining to the King of the Zombies that his stash is depleted. Zombzany is displeased with being served “this childish swill” and returns the hot chocolate to Doc Freak – sans mug.

Returning to business at hand, Zombzany reiterates that he will be showing clips of the horror host Zacherley during the horror movie marathon and giving the audience some insightful background into the history of this TV legend. Doc Freak once again begins hopping up and down with unbridled excitement and Zombzany is forced to use a minor spell of sedation on Freak to get him back under control. Zombzany then commands Doc Freak to produce the visual aids and begins regaling his viewers with the origin of Zacherley.

No sooner has Zombzany finished with the first part of his retrospective of Zacherley, than Doc Freak drops all the photos and other props to the ground, making a complete mess of Zombzany’s tomb.

Enjoy Zombzany and the Undead Doc Freak: Part Two -- Freak Fails.

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