Sunday, October 28, 2012


Podcast of the Month for October 2012 is:
Skull-Face Island!
Skull-Face Island is a podcast that reviews the latest movies and talks about some of the most recent television programs. However, the format of the podcast is very unique.
Every podcast opens with this imaginative narrative, setting up the basis for the podcast’s reason for broadcasting every week: “In the year 1991, US Flight 1313 soared unknowing into its death. As the vessel sank into the ocean’s depths, three boys washed ashore on Skull-Face Island. Near death, pursued by vicious creatures, the boys stumbled upon shelter. Who built it and for what purpose, none could say. But, to their shock and amazement, a fifty-five inch TV glowed within, streaming every movie ever made. After twenty years, struggling for survival, they managed to repair the shelter’s communication devise. Perhaps someday they’ll be rescued. But until then, they’ll watch and discuss movies. Hoping, praying, you’re listening.”

Adam Frazier

Adam Frazier is the unofficial moderator, David Allen is his right-hand man and constant co-commentator, and Tim Grant is the mostly silent, but sometimes loquacious producer of the podcast. These three open each week updating their latest adventures of survival on the island.
They usually start the podcast with movie news that they get from their “geek-o-matic news machine”, which sounds as if it is running off a 56k dial-up modem. They also have faithful robot servant Mar-10 that does menial tasks for them and even filled in reading the news when the printer for the news machine went down. There is a mysterious red phone in the island hut and when Adam dialed 666 on it, they were connected to Satan himself. They occasionally get news and inside Hollywood info from Satan, who explains why there are so many bad films made every year.
The bulk of the show is made up of their featured film movie reviews. They keep up with all of the latest theatrical films, which they are somehow able to watch on their mysterious 55-inch TV. For these reviews, they often get in their “jammers” and rant or rave about these films. Their reviews are very opinionated, but fair and full of irreverent humor
Quite often they end their podcasts with a deadly game of movie trivia of the Gods’ choosing in order to satiate the bloodlust of the mighty Tu’Challa, a savage beast whose love of pop culture knows no bounds.
If you are interested in an entertaining, funny, yet informative movie review podcast, check out Skull-Face Island!
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  1. Hey! This is Adam Frazier - thanks for the plug! We're gearing up for a big episode tomorrow - be sure to check it out!

    1. You're welcome, Adam!

      I still listen to each and every episode of Skull-Faced Island. David, Tim and yourself never fail to elucidate and entertain me. I particularly enjoyed episode 29 when Satan revealed his softer side by listing his favorite romantic movies.

      Keep up the insanity!