Thursday, October 11, 2012


In the first part of Zombzany and the Undead Doc Freak -- which I've titled "Freak Seeks to be Deceased" -- Zombzany is once again sitting on his throne. However, for some inexplicable reason, he is conscious well before his usual dusk waking hour. Zombzany has again had to demean himself and host another modern horror movie marathon and on top of that he has had to start it in broad daylight, which explains his even worse than usual bad mood. Zombzany admits that the only reason he has agreed to host this particular marathon is that he will able to talk about his favorite “living” horror movie host, Zacherley the cool ghoul.

Running up from somewhere close, Doc Freak (I admit it. I was eavesdropping nearby – D.F.) begins jumping up and down in front of Zombzany, shouting “wicked cool” over and over again. Doc Freak asks if he can be Zombzany’s new servant for this marathon, since he blew up and buried his old servant Bill E. Bones at the conclusion of last year’s horror movie marathon. Zombzany informs Freak that he does not retain the services of the living, as he can resurrect his own zombie slave through necromancy. Freak says that if Zombzany only hires the undead, then he should zap him dead so that he can serve him during the course of the marathon.

Zombzany is more than happy to make Doc Freak his zombie slave and puts a deadly spell of simultaneous death and resurrection on him. The new zombie Freak’s first task as Zombzany’s slave is to fetch the King of the Zombies a cup of coffee for the long horror movie marathon to come.

Enjoy Zombzany and the Undead Doc Freak: Part One -- Freak Seeks to be Deceased.

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