Monday, October 1, 2012


Thank you for voting in the - Which of these films do you plan on seeing in September of 2012 – poll! The results to this month’s poll were pretty lack luster as only seven of you voted. I’m not sure if this reflects the quality of the films or the fact that fewer people go to the theater once the summer is over. There was a tie for first place with 5 votes (71%) for Resident Evil: Retribution and 5 votes (71%) for Looper. In second place was Dredd with just 3 votes (42%) and just making last place was House at the End of the Street with 2 votes (28%).

I saw three of the four genre films in this month’s September poll. I liked Resident Evil: Retribution better than most, but I will admit that it was not as good as the third or fourth entries in this series.  Resident Evil: Retribution has grossed just $38 million in the US in three weeks, but has done considerably better worldwide grossing  $175 million, so I think it’s a safe bet that there will be a sixth and final film in the Resident Evil film series. I thought Looper was the overall best film of the three this month, as it worked well on many different levels, including – most importantly to me – as a science fiction film. Looper took in just under $21 million in its opening weekend and with a budget of only $30 million it should more than make a profit domestically – which the studios really like. This means Looper director Rian Johnson will be given even more money and creative freedom with his next film and I for one hope it is a genre film. Dredd was somewhat disappointing for me, as it had all the elements to make an excellent adaptation of the comic book, but the simplistic story just didn’t engage me. Despite generally good to excellent reviews, Dredd has made just under $11 million in this country in two weeks. It has performed slightly better worldwide making $21 million, but with a budget of $50 million, it looks uncertain if there will be a sequel – which I’d actually like to see.

Thank you all for voting on this month’s poll! There are now seven of you who may consider yourselves Genre Guardian Generals! Anyone who has seen Resident Evil: Retribution, Looper, Dredd or House at the End of the Street at the theater, please leave a quick comment here and let me know what you thought of it.


Once again on the right column of this page, you will see at the top of the column the next poll that I've posted. As always, this poll includes the titles and release dates of all the major SF, Fantasy or Horror films that are being distributed to movie theaters in the month of October for 2012. They are: V/H/S (October 5), Sinister (October 12), Paranormal Activity 4 (October 19), and Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (October 26). I have left Cloud Atlas off the poll, because on the surface it appears to have the visual trappings of a science fiction film (aka: future setting and some sort of time travel). However, it is based on a 2004 book by British author David Mitchell, which is definitely not sci-fi, but a series of six stories interwoven by characters reading the tale that is revealed to be a story that is read (or observed) by the main character in the next story. Even though one of these stories takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, I don’t think Cloud Atlas is science fiction and could only be regarded as moderately genre – at least by my definition.

I think V/H/S looks like it could be a good scary movie, despite my dislike for the “found footage” format and a general dislike for anthology films. However, this is definitely a rental for me, as I’m the only one in my small group who is up for this type of terror trip. Sinister has an intriguing premise, a decent cast and an interesting look, but still seems like it is only worth a rental. I have only seen the first Paranormal Activity film and was bored to tears, so I won’t even waste my time with a rental of Paranormal Activity 4. I enjoyed the first Silent Hill film well enough - although I admired it more for its look than its less-than-frightening story - so I’ll also be renting Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

As always, I’d appreciate anyone who reads GUARDIANS OF THE GENRE! to place a vote for any of these films that you plan on seeing at the theater.

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