Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hello my fellow Genre Guardians!
For those few who still are following this blog, you may have noticed I have not posted any type of written review or article since February of this year. I did manage to post the last sequence of The Zombzany Meets Blood E. Bones video, but have not added any video content since that last one in April. The reason for my lack of posting on Guardians of the Genre is simply that I have been busy working on other projects. I have been working on these projects under my real name and not under the pseudonym: Fritz “Doc” Freak. As anyone who blogs knows, using a pseudonym allows a certain amount of creative freedom that posting under one’s real name does not. While writing as “Doc” Freak, I initially kept in character while posting on Guardians of the Genre, but as time went by, I found this too restricting and ended up writing in my own voice.
These past three years posting on Guardians of the Genre have been great fun for the most part, but writing non-fiction has never been one of my favorite types of writing. I much prefer fiction writing, as I hope showed in some of my descriptions of the Zombzany videos would indicate. This blog lends itself to mostly non-fiction writing and that is why I’ve decided to move on to other things and stop blogging on Guardians of the Genre. In case anyone is wondering why some of the other characters on this blog cannot continue writing on Guardians of the Genre in my absence, the simple answer is that I am all of the characters; which include not only Fritz “Doc” Freakenstein, but Bill E. Bones, Major Mac Maniac and Zombzany as well. The only other person to write for this blog was my good friend, who wrote under the pseudonym Professor Phileas Photon. Unfortunately, “Phileas” is not interested in writing on any kind of consistent basis, so he will be unable to keep Guardians of the Genre up and running either. The main character of all my posted videos, Zombzany the Necromancer, was played in the videos by another good friend of mine. Unfortunately, I have not have had contact with him for many years and have been posting these videos in the hope that he might find them in the vastness of cyberspace and contact me. However, that has not occurred, so I fear Zombzany’s true “voice” will never be heard on Guardians of the Genre either.
I want to conclude this final posting by thanking all 44 followers of Guardians of the Genre and especially to the people that took the time to comment on my various posts here. A special thank you goes to The Sci-Fi Fanatic, with whom I have had many stimulating discussions both here and on his blog Musings of a Sci-Fi Fanatic. I also want to thank Francisco Gonzalez of The Film Connoisseur, John Kenneth Muir of John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Film/TV and Johnny Thunder of Johnny Thunder's Midnight Spook Frolic. I will continue to upload more Zombzany videos to YouTube, so anyone who wants to watch more new Zombzany and Fritz “Doc” Freakenstein adventures will be able to do so at
Thanks all you wicked cool readers of Guardians of the Genre!