Sunday, January 9, 2011


It has been nearly a year since I “welcomed you to the wicked good”! Guardians of the Genre! was created by me and my good friend, Phileas Photon, as an outlet for us to express our opinions on the many and varied forms of entertainment within our three favorites genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. I also have used GotG to feature some of my more obscure interests, such as horror hosts and monster heavy metal. I never intended this blog to be focused on any one of my (or my friends) many interests and this may be why I don’t seem to get as many responses to my posts as other bloggers that I follow do. If you are looking to Guardians of the Genre for any one thing (Horror movies reviews as an example) than you probably get frustrated because I don’t feature that many of them here; despite the fact that I watch at least a couple dozen horror films a year. I want to continue to use this blog as a forum for sharing with you my passion and enjoyment of movies, TV, books, comics, music, Internet sites, and just about any other form of medium that you can think of. That is why, for the most part, you will rarely read negative reviews of any one of these things here, because I think it is much more fun to write about things that I like, than things that I don’t like.

One new feature that I hope to be bringing to Guardians of the Genre soon, is video shorts featuring the past misadventures of my fellow genre guardians. I’ve been poring over years of accumulated video tapes and will be endeavoring to transfer them to a digital format, so that I can share with you some of the highlights and lowlights of the television careers of Zombzany, Major Mac Maniac, Bill E. Bones and even your favorite freak, Fritz Freakenstein!

In the meantime, please do fill out the poll at the bottom of the blog, as it will help me to decide which films that I should see at the theater this year, so that I can share with you my opinions of them! I look forward to another year in 2011 of welcoming you to more of the wicked good!


  1. Howdy, Freak! How come y’all didn’t mention ta yer readers that ya invited yer old pal Major Mac Maniac ta be a participatin’ Genre Guardian in yer little ol’ blog? I may be an old dog, but I still gots me some tricks up my space suit to show them young’uns! I’ll be spaced if y’all don’t cotton ta my nitro orbital zippy takes on all things SCI-FI! So wake up and smell the Tang, Freak! Yer ol’ pal Major Mac Maniac will be blastin’ yer way here at Guardians of the (Sci-Fi) Genre soon!

  2. Sorry, Mac! I didn't mean no disrespect! I invited you to join the Prof and me at the GotG almost a year ago, so when you didn’t post up, I guess I thought you were spaced out… I mean, that you were in orbit in your space station the Hysterical IV. I guess you finally got your Wi-Fi hook-up, so feel free to vent your carbon emissions on any topic you like: provided that they are related to one the three great genres!

  3. Congrats on definitely one of the more entertaining and well done blogs out there in uhm blogdome! I always enjoy reading the posts even if I don't comment as much as I would like.

    Keep it up and stay scary!!

  4. Thanks for the wicked cool compliments, JT! I always try to make all the postings on GotG entertaining, no matter what I or my cohorts are writing about.

    I don’t blame you for not commenting as much as you’d like on my posts, because I have a similar problem with finding the time to comment on the various blogs that I follow. I too read all of the interesting posts on your blog Midnight Spook Frolic, but I usually only post a comment when I think I have something worthwhile to add to it.

    In the words of my favorite horror host "Stay Sick", J.T.!