Saturday, January 23, 2010


Welcome to the pages of what I hope will be many informal chats about the many virtues of the Great and Good Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. I am the self-imposed moderator of this blog, Fritz “Doc” Freakenstein. I’ve been accused many times of being a fictional character; or at the very least being an alternate personality for an otherwise normal seeming middle-aged man. I say this is a bald faced lie! If anything, Freakenstein is the driving force of my creative being and the spark that ignites the torch that shines a bright light on my many interests! I won’t often look back to past glories, but will instead concentrate on looking to current and future genre-specific projects by some of my favorite artists, writers and musicians of the many and varied media to which I am currently enamored. So, please be patient, because what at times may seem to be the babblings of a raving madman, will eventually lead to enlightenment, entertainment and encouragement to seek out, explore and engage in the wonders of the human imagination! Or as I may more frequently say: Welcome to the wicked good!

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  1. Let's get the monster mash going! Looking forward to your posts.