Saturday, January 26, 2013


In the second part of Zombzany Meets Blood E. Bones -- Part Two -- which I've titled "Baron Bones Usurps a Throne" -- Zombzany has apparently recovered from the sleeping drug that “Doc” Freak had one of Zombzany’s zombie slaves “prescribe” him, and is telling his fans that this year he will not be hosting the Fifth Annual Scare-a-thon. Suddenly, in a blinding flash of white-hot light, a large skeletal figure appears menacingly before Zombzany. “Doc” Freak, who is subbing for the absent zombie Myron behind the camera, tells Zombzany that he has revived Bill E. Bones. When Zombzany inquires why Bones is of a much greater stature, Freak informs the Dominator of the Dead that his special rejuvenation formula contained a calcium-additive that aided in Bones’ return to his former size. Zombzany attempts to threaten Bones with his scepter of power, when Bones - who is now calling himself Baron Blood E. Bones – reveals that he has stolen Zombzany’s magical amulet and is now immune to Zombzany’s necromancy. Bones tells Zombzany that he now possess the power of the amulet’s former owner, Count Dracula and puts Zombzany into a magically enhanced hypnotic trance!

Once again behind the camera, “Doc” Freak convinces Baron Blood E. Bones that he should host the Fifth Annual Scare-a-thon – particularly because it is an all vampire movie marathon. Completely in the Baron’s thrall, Bones orders Zombzany to give the fans a brief description of the horror host Count Gore de Vol, whom will be part of the evening’s Scare-a-thon. Baron Blood E. Bones then less-than-enthusiastically introduces the first vampire flick of the marathon: 1931’s Dracula.

Enjoy Zombzany Meets Blood E. Bones - Part Two -- Baron Bones Usurps a Throne!

Technical Note: There are two segments of this video where the original video tape had a wrinkle in it, causing a crackling hiss in the audio playback. No amount of my adjusting the tape on playback or tweaking the audio digitally reduced this annoying aural distortion. I apologies for this in advance and hope that it doesn't detract too much from any enjoyment that you might derive from this portion of Zombzany Meets Blood E. Bones.

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