Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Fringe is science fiction television series that was co-created by J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. It premiered on Fox on September 9, 2008 and the show's first season ran a total 22 episodes.
Fringe’s first season focused on a team which investigating bizarre scientific occurrences or a string of fringe science–related incidents worldwide related to "The Pattern". The team consisted of FBI special agent Olivia Dunham, scientist Walter Bishop, his son Peter Bishop and others at the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. It followed a procedural story structure for most of this first season, only occasionally hinting at the cause of these “fringe” events.

The show was renewed for a second and third season of 22 episodes each, which aired from September 17, 2009 to May 20, 2010, and September 23, 2010 to May 6, 2011, respectively. As each season progressed, we found out what was causing the fringe events and who was behind the cause. The ties between Walter, Peter and Olivia become even more evident and critical as these two seasons progressed.

Fringe was officially renewed for a fourth season during the 2011–2012 television season which consisted of 22 episodes. All the plotlines from seasons one through three really come to a head in season four and the procedural format is almost completely disposed of.

On April 26, 2012, Fox renewed Fringe for a fifth and final season, consisting of 13 episodes. It premiered on September 28, 2012. The fifth and final season of Fringe takes place in a future that is not favorable to humans. Once again, it is up to Walter, Peter and Olivia to try and set things right and save the world one more time.

I've been watching Fringe since the first episode and it’s hard to believe that after four-and-a-half years and 98 episodes, this amazing mind-bending science fiction series is coming to an end! One thing that Fringe has never done is let me down in terms of fulfilling character arcs and satisfying story conclusions, so I am looking forward to the two episode conclusion this Friday night from 8pm – 10pm EST on Fox.

Here is the trailer for the last two episodes of season five of Fringe entitled "Liberty" and "An Enemy of Fate":


  1. Doc

    I'm thrilled with your spoiler free tribute to what has become a tremendously well received series. Thanks for this nice tribute.

    I'm making it a priority to catch up this year but it wont be by Friday. Thou in honor of the end my hope is to finish a look at the beginning and my reflections on the pilot on the same day of it's departure.

    Anyway, I enjoyed this and really look forward to the series. Don't laugh but I am only up to TheEquation, but I am enjoying the series.


  2. I’m glad you liked my little Fringe finale post, Sci-Fi Fanatic.

    I hadn’t planned on writing up an overview, but I thought a brief summary of the past four seasons might help inspire those that have not watched Fringe for a while to watch the final two episodes. I intentionally kept my descriptions of the past seasons vague in order to keep them “spoiler” free. I know many fans like you who don’t watch your genre TV when it is broadcast, but instead wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray release or Netflix streaming to consume the programs in larger chunks.

    I myself use this method for “re-watches” of my favorite shows. I’m currently on season one of Supernatural, season two of Angel and season five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I started re-watching Babylon 5 this way, but found that if I waited too long between episodes that I would lose track of too many plot details, One of these days I’ll just have to devote a month – or two – to re-watch the entire five seasons of Babylon 5; truly one of the best science fiction Television shows ever made. The Bride and I are also in the midst of re-watching the entire seven seasons of Tom Baker’s run on Doctor Who. It is amazing how well these shows hold up, despite the somewhat lackluster special effects.

    I almost envy you watching season one of Fringe for the first time. One hint for The Equation: Chick fight! Thanks for the cool comments, Sci-Fi Fanatic!

  3. Loved the chick fight! It was interesting because in that moment Dunham seems to kind of come alive after taking a blow and really shows off some skill for the take down.

    Enjoying the show. And I know what you mean about envying those who haven't experienced a great show yet. You'd love to jump into their shoes and experience it fresh with unspoiled eyes all over again especially when they are really good. Cheers.