Thursday, January 10, 2013


The last series of Zombzany videos that I’ve posted here at Guardians of the Genre - ZOMBZANY AND THE UNDEAD DOC FREAK – took place chronologically just a year prior to the events of this latest series in which  Zombzany encounters an adversary nearly his necromantic equal, Baron Blood E. Bones. This and the several years before and after it are the most well-documented era in Zombzany’s horror host period; mostly because being the somewhat vain not-so-mad-not-so-much-scientist that I am, I stole and saved these video tapes to preserve the encounters that I've had with the Dominator of the Dead. This is another instance in a more-than ten year period in which Zombzany was coerced into hosting a horror movie marathon for a local science fiction fan club and evidently not very well rewarded financially for it.

In the first part of Zombzany Meets Blood E. Bones – Part One -- which I've titled "The Revenge of ‘Doc’ Freak" -- Zombzany is lying prone on a bench outside of his caretaker’s shack on the outskirts of his cemetery. He is sound asleep and snoring loudly. What is unusual about this is that it is clearly day time and normally Zombzany sleeps at this time safely within the dark confines of his underground tomb. Shortly, ‘Doc’ Freak sneaks up on Zombzany and gently pokes him to see if he is truly asleep. Satisfied that Zombzany is not playing possum, ‘Doc’ Freak thanks Myron, Zombzany’s most intelligent zombie slave, for putting the sleep serum that Freak concocted into Zombzany’s coffee the previous evening. Freak tells Myron and Sebastian that they might as well take a brief “holiday”, because Zombzany will be incapacitated long enough for him to put his “master plan in motion”. Waving as the zombies slowly shuffle off to who-knows-where, Freak then leans over Zombzany and carefully removes the magic amulet around Zombzany’s neck. Freak is somewhat intimidated by the amulet, as he knows that it contains some type of dark mystical energy that was transferred to it by its previous owner, Count Dracula. ‘Doc’ Freak jumps for joy as he heads off to look for the location of the grave of Zombzany’s most disloyal slave: Bill E. Bones.

Night has arrived and ‘Doc’ Freak, flashlight in hand, is still looking for Bill E. Bones’ unmarked grave. Finally stumbling on it – almost literally – Freak takes a carton of special ingredients from his lab coat pocket. ‘Doc’ Freak then spreads the “ass-kickin’ rejuvenation formula” on the grave of Bill E. Bones and commands the skeletal zombie to arise from his grave. Mystical smoke clouds the cemetery and suddenly Bones’ hand thrusts itself self out of the ground. ‘Doc’ Freak helps his zombie friend from the soil and places a cape around his shoulders. Freak then takes Zombzany’s magical amulet from his pocket and places it around the neck of Bones. Perhaps blind with the excitement of ousting Zombzany from his own tomb with the scientifically (and perhaps unintentionally magically) reanimated Bones, Freak doesn't notice the considerable difference in weight and stature in his formerly diminutive skeletal friend. Together, Freak and Bones head to the tomb of Zombzany and prepare to become the dominator of their former Master!

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