Saturday, September 29, 2012


Podcast of the Month for September 2012 is:

Television Zombies!

The following is from their about page on their web site:

Discussing the best science fiction and fantasy shows on television. Each week, Tina, Chris, Jeff, Chuck and special guests discuss the latest news and happenings in the world of science fiction and fantasy television, as well as review new episodes of favorite (and hated) shows. From Lost to Doctor Who to Battlestar Galactica, we look at the latest, greatest and lamest (we’re looking at you, Ghost Whisperer!) and give an irreverent view of new TV. Bad TV may be a brain eating monster lurking in the dusty corners of your living room, but Television Zombies are along for the fight!

Based in Washington, D.C., Tina and Jeff first began podcasting in 2004 with the awkwardly titled “Restaurant Fuel/I Like Seamonsters” podcast, which centered around their experiences as expecting parents of twins. Following the births of their daughters, the pair took an extended break from podcasting to focus on sleep deprivation and hospital stays. Now that life has returned to normal, Tina and Jeff resumed podcasting, joined by their friend Chris who brings an encyclopedian knowledge of nerd trivia to the proceedings.

Television Zombies begin the podcast with brief introductions and intermittent anecdotes of their personal lives. At this time, Chris will also sometimes ask silly questions of Tina and Jeff just to get to know them better.

The next segment of the podcast is the news. The news focuses on their favorite Television shows like Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf and even the occasional non-genre show like Breaking Bad. They don’t just read the news; they also express their opinions – often humorously – on what they think this information will mean to the future of the programs.

The bulk of the podcast consists of them “talking about TV.” They review the most recent episodes of the genre shows that they watched that week. They go into varying degrees of detail on the episodes, depending on their enthusiasm for that particular show. They have no compunction of spoiling the episodes, so make sure you have watched the programs they’re discussing before listening. They will give a casual grade for each episode on the “A” for excellent and “F” for failure grading system.

Most episodes also feature an interview with Television personalities. These interviews go into much more depth than some other podcasts, as there seems to be no real time constrain on them. Recent interviews have featured: actors James Urbaniak, Zack Perlman, Ryan Ridley and Eric Bauza.

They usually finish the podcast by reading emails from listeners.

I like Television Zombies because of the light tone and casual atmosphere created by the trio of Tina, Jeff and Chris. These are fans of the shows they watch, so they tend to emphasis the positives of the programs and not focus too much on the negative; which I personally like quite a bit. Like all my favorite podcasts, Television Zombies post episodes on a regular weekly schedule, which allows them to review all the new programs almost as soon as they are aired.

If you would like to know more about Television Zombies go to:


  1. Thanks for the mention. Very kind of you.

  2. You are very welcome, Chris.

    I really admire your (and Tina and Jeff's) ability to do a podcast so consistently every week. I watch many of the same TV programs you watch and I'm not sure that I could recall each episode as clearly as you three do.

    Keep up the great work at Television Zombies!