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Thank you for voting in the - Which of these films do you plan on seeing in August of 2012 – poll! The results to this month’s poll demonstrates the reason film studios usually save their less fiscally ambitious efforts for the last full month of summer. Only nine of you die-hard film fans (and you know who you are) voted on this month’s poll.
Of the nine people who voted, only one film dominated the tippity top of the pole.  The top vote getter for August was Total Recall which received 6 votes (66%)! Coming in with half that number of votes, in second place, was ParaNorman with 3 votes (33%). Tumbling into cinematic limbo third place was The Possession with only 1 vote (11%). In last place was a movie that had the dubious honor to be the first film in my 2012 film poll to receive 0 votes (0%) The Apparition.
I mentioned in last month’s poll results [PLEASE VOTE ON THE“WHICH OF THESE FILMS DO YOU PLAN ON SEEING IN AUGUST OF 2012?” POLL!] that I would be seeing Total Recall (2012) in the theater and I did just that. I enjoyed it more than most people it seems, as it only received a 47% positive audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It seems most of the people that disliked it were fans of the 1990 version and didn’t like all the changes made to the remake (in particular the lack of Mars in the film). As I mentioned in my posted review of the film [TOTAL RECALL – 2012 – TOTALLY CAPTIVATING] while I liked the original film, I had many problems with it as well. I was more than willing to see what a different director, writer and actors could do with the concept and for the most part I felt they succeeded in their efforts to make futuristic action-packed spy-thriller. The 3-D stop-motion animated ParaNorman has garnered good critical reviews, but in two weeks it has only grossed $28,261,577, so this obviously didn’t appeal to children as much as it did adults. The Apparition was brutalized by critics even more so than the average horror film and it opened to a measly $2,841,488 in its first week. The Possession opened yesterday and may do a bit better than its horror film predecessor, as the reviews for it have been better, if still somewhat lackluster. While I saw only Total Recall at the theater in August, I did see two other non-genre films at the theater: The Expendables 2 and The Borne Legacy. I enjoyed both of them for different reasons and recommend them to any action film fans looking for a little escapist entertainment over the Labor Day weekend.
Thank you all for voting on this month’s poll! There are now nine of you who may consider yourselves Genre Guardian Generals! Anyone who has seen Total Recall, ParaNorman, The Possession and The Apparition at the theater, please leave a quick comment here and let me know what you thought of it.



Once again on the right column of this page, you will see at the top of the column the next poll that I’ve posted. As always, this poll includes the titles and release dates of all the major SF, Fantasy or Horror films that are being distributed to movie theaters in the month of September for 2012. They are: Resident Evil: Retribution (September 14), Dredd (September 21), House at the End of the Street (September 21) and Looper (September 28). As always, I’d appreciate anyone who reads GUARDIANS OF THE GENRE! to place a vote for any of these films that you plan on seeing at the theater.


As a fan of the Resident Evil film franchise and having seen all four of the previous films in this series at the theater, I don’t intend to break my streak with Resident Evil: Retribution! Another remake this month in the form of Dredd, which is not a remake of the 1995 Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone; but don’t try to tell that to fans of that film. I read the Eagle Comics [a short lived comic book publishing company that existed to reprint comic stories from the UK's 2000 A.D. magazine from 1983 to 1986] reprints of the early Judge Dredd comics stories from the late-70’s/early-80’s and thought that the 1995 film didn’t do the comics justice. I’m hopeful that this new film will be truer to the comics, so I will be making an effort to see Dredd at the theater. I saw the first Looper trailer months ago and was immediately interested in this film’s unique time-travel premise! I will definitely be seeing Looper at the theater! House at the End of the Street seems like another dull PG-13 haunted house movie, but some of the early reviews say different. Still, if I do watch this, it will definitely be on disc.
Let me know what films you’ll be seeing on the big screen by participating in this month’s new poll!

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