Tuesday, June 5, 2012


In the seventh and final part of Zombzany Meets Doc Freak titled "Remote Controlled Revenge", back from the undead, with a newly recharged scepter, Zombzany has regained control of his cemetery, his throne and the horror movie marathon. Zombzany decides to replace the final Frankenstein film of the marathon, with a classic zombie film from his private video tape collection. Slowly, he is approached by his most loyal zombie servant, Sebastian. It isn’t until Sebastian is almost upon him that Zombzany sees the control devise on Sebastian’s chest and realizes that he is being attacked.

Shouting in triumph – from a safe distance – “Doc” Freak tells Zombzany that he has taken control of Sebastian with a remote control devise and orders Sebastian to kill Zombzany. Zombzany casts a spell over Sebastian, forcing him back towards Freak. Freak turns up the power on his devise to full power and Sebastian turns back upon his Necromantic master. Zombzany casts a spell of detonation on Sebastian, blowing the device on Sebastian’s chest to pieces! Zombzany then casts another even more powerful detonation spell at “Doc” Freak and blows up the remote right out of Freak’s hands!

When the smoke of the multiple magical explosions clear, Doc Freak is nowhere in sight, so Zombzany returns to his throne to retrieve one of his beloved zombie video tapes and discovers that they were all destroyed by his own destructive spells. The only video not melted down to plastic sludge is another Frankenstein film, which he reluctantly concludes the horror movie marathon with.

Enjoy the final installment of Zombzany Meets Doc Freak – Part Seven – Remote Controlled Revenge!

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