Friday, June 1, 2012


Podcast of the Month for May 2012 is:

Sci-Fi Saturday Night

Sci-Fi Saturday Night is a sometimes weekly podcast that is broadcast “live” on Ustream every Thursday night at 8pm. This sometimes irreverent and oftentimes explicit podcast is a stream-of-conscious and a ostentatiously science fiction-centric podcast that talks about all things sci-fi. This multiple-person podcast discusses sci-fi news, books, movies, TV shows and conventions. There is also almost always a special guest that is also the featured interview of the week. The format is very loose – to put it politely – but the crazy group of podcasters usually begin with the news, then they segue into whatever subject that they are most interested in that particular week.

The podcast is hosted by The Dome, who founded SFSN as a radio show on a certain network which will not be named, along with former co-host Mr. K. His likes include “Anything with Busty Women, Harley Quinn, artists and writers. The rest of the cast include Kiriana, who is in charge of the soundboard and who’s real job is as a biologist currently working out of Boston. Illustrator X is an artist who drew all the art on the podcast’s website and is a huge comic book geek. AwakeByJava is the resident sci-fi TV show expert and both loves and hates Syfy programing. The Dead Redhead is a huge horror movie fan and George Romero in particular. Zombrarian is the post editor and resident grammar zombie, who enjoys all kinds of books and curling up with her undead kitties. Dru Silla, R Daneel Olivaw, Winter is coming, Samantha B and Amandatron3000 all show up at irregular times to add their brand of madness.

What I like about Sci-Fi Saturday Night is that, for me, it is a local podcast as all of the podcasters are residents of the New England area. What makes that fun for me is that their news and interviews will feature things that are important to the New England area. They are the official podcast of the Boston Comic Con and do extensive interviews from that convention. Their interviews are often informal, but not irreverent. Recent interview guests have included author Norman Spinrad and comic book artist/writer Kevin Eastman.

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  1. On behalf of Sci Fi Saturday Night, may I say that we are touched, we are honored, we are THRILLED to receive "Podcast of the Month" from your blog! Thank you for all your kind words and letting us know that we're appreciated. Fans like yourself make it all worthwhile.

  2. You are very welcome, Illustrator X!

    I have only been listening to Sci Fi Saturday Night since Talkcast 119, but it has quickly become one of my “must listen to” casts on my iPhone. One thing that makes for an entertaining podcast is that the personalities of the cast start to feel like friends that you get together with to have a conversation with.

    I also like that you include your guests on the informal opening chats. One of the other excellent guest interviews that I particularly enjoyed was with Tom Sniegoski on Talkcast 125. I’ve been a fan of his comics and book writing for many years and it was fascinating listening to him.

    I really like your coverage of local conventions and Boston Comic Con in particular. I missed out on Boston Comic Con this year, but will try to make it for the 2013 show so I can stop by your table and say “Hi!”