Friday, June 1, 2012


Thank you for voting in the - Which of these films do you plan on seeing in May of 2012 – poll! The results to this month’s poll were much more positive than last month, which is an indicator that you are more excited about genre films being released in May than you were the ones in April. Of the fifteen people who voted, most were interested in one film. The top vote getter for May was easily The Avengers which received 11 votes (73%)! Coming in at a close second place was Men in Black III with 9 votes (60%). Limping in at a distant third place was Dark Shadows with only 3 votes (20%). In a very distant last place was Battleship with only one vote.  (6%).

Thank you all for voting on this month’s poll! There are now fifteen of you who may consider yourselves Genre Guardian Generals! Anyone who has seen The Avengers (based on the amount of money it made, I’d guess most of you saw it), Men in Black III, Dark Shadows or Battleship at the theater, please leave a quick comment here and let me know what you thought of it.


Once again on the right column of this page, you will see at the top of the column the next poll that I’ve posted. As always, this poll includes the titles and release dates of all the major SF, Fantasy or Horror films that are being distributed to movie theaters in the month of June 2012. They are: Snow White and the Huntsman (June 1), Prometheus (June 8), Brave (June 22) and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (June 22). As always, I’d appreciate anyone who reads GUARDIANS OF THE GENRE! to place a vote for any of these films that you plan on seeing at the theater. Snow White and the Huntsman is a film that looks visually stunning, but I just can’t get excited about yet another film “retelling” of a fairy tale, so I’ll pass on this at the theater. Prometheus is a film I’ve been fascinated with for some time, partly because of the mystery of whether it is truly a prequel to Alien, but mostly to see if Ridley Scott is still capable of directing a science fiction classic like Alien. I’ll definitely be watching Prometheus at the theater next weekend! Brave is Pixar’s thirteenth feature film, but I haven’t liked a film by them since Ratatouille in 2007 (yes, I thought Up was sentimental crap), so I’ll be passing on seeing Brave at the theater. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is interesting. It is based on a bestselling novel (which I didn’t read) and the screenplay is by the author (which I think is wise). The director is Timur Bekmambetov, a Russian-Kazakh film director known for the Russian films Night Watch and Day Watch, as well as the American film Wanted, all of which I liked. Still, I am uncertain if the weird historical-horror mash-up can carry a feature film, so I’ll probably pass on seeing it at the theater and watch it as soon as it is available on blu-ray disc.

Let me know what you’ll be seeing on the big screen by participating in this month’s new poll!

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