Monday, May 14, 2012


In the sixth part of Zombzany Meets Doc Freak titled "Zap from the Dead", Zombzany is comatose and is laying prone on a makeshift lab table, covered by a sheet and holding his staff. Doc Freak is hovering over Zombzany, carefully attaching two electric cables to Zombzany’s Necromancer staff. Freak yells, “Hit the juice, Bill!” and Zombzany’s body is suddenly jolted by 1000’s of volts of electrical current. As soon as the powerful electrical energy subsides, Zombzany sits upright, looking puzzled at the jubilant Doc Freak. Freak tells Zombzany that he has awakened just in time to view the next feature fright flick, Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, and Zombzany promptly passes out.

We come back from the film and Zombzany demands an explanation from Doc Freak as to why he has been unconscious for the past three films of the marathon. Doc Freak tries to make up a story on the fly, but Zombzany doesn’t fall for it and promptly knocks Freak to the ground with his damaged staff. Freak gets up, rubbing his sore head and begins complaining about the next Dracula film. Zombzany returns and whacks Freak once again for good measure.

Enjoy, Zombzany Meets Doc Freak - Part Six – Zap from the Dead

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