Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Thank you for voting in the - Which of these films do you plan on seeing in April of 2012 – poll! The results to this month’s poll were reflective of the less-than-stellar genre films being released. Of the six people who voted, there was no clear film that people were interested in seeing. Three of the four films each received two votes (33%). These were: Cabin in the Woods, Lockout and The Pirates! Band of Misfits. I am most interested in seeing Cabin in the Woods, but will certainly see Lockout when it is available on blu-ray for rent as well. I’m not a fan of Claymation, so I doubt I’ll even rent The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

Receiving the fewest votes was The Raven with one vote (16%) and not being a fan of Edgar Allan Poe I passed on this one at the theater as well. Still, I may check it out on Netflix streaming, as I liked the director James McTeigue’s previous films: V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin.

Thank you all for voting on this month’s poll! There are now six of you who may consider yourselves Genre Guardian Generals! Anyone who has seen Cabin in the Woods, Lockout, The Raven or The Pirates! Band of Misfits at the theater, please leave a quick comment here and let me know what you thought of it.


Once again on the right column of this page, you will see at the top of the column the next poll that I’ve posted. This second poll includes the titles and release dates of all the major SF, Fantasy or Horror films that are being distributed to movie theaters in the month of May 2012. They are: The Avengers (May 4), Dark Shadows (May 11), Battleship (May 18) and Men in Black III (May 25). As always, I’d appreciate anyone who reads GUARDIANS OF THE GENRE! to place a vote for any of these films that you plan on seeing at the theater. The Avengers is a film I’ve been anticipating since Iron Man (2008), so I’ll be watching this film at the theater sometime this coming weekend! I am not a fan of either Dark Shadows or Tim Burton, so I’ll be passing on his weird reimaging of the old 1960’s daytime-TV drama. Battleship looks like a fantastic guilty-pleasure sci-fi action flick in the model of Transformers, but I’ll save my money and watch this one on blu-ray. I’m a fan of the two previous Men in Black films (yes, I even liked the much maligned MIB II), so it’s a no-brainer that I’ll be seeing Men in Black III on the big screen!

Let me know what you’ll be seeing on the big screen by participating in this month’s new poll!


  1. I plan on seeing all of those, MIB III looks like a rocking good time, can't wait for that one, same with Dark Shadows....saw The Avengers and it blew me away, check out my review for it, but damn, what a way to start the summer! I think that film will be so hard to top!

    Battleship is the least one that interests me, but, the previews make it look fun as well so what the heck, why the hell not!

  2. Thanks for sharing your plans for your May movie going, Francisco! For fans of genre movies, May is now the beginning of our favorite time of the year – summertime! In the months of June, July and August there are fourteen genre movies being released and I intend on seeing at least half of them!

    I’m thrilled to hear that The Avengers movie blew you away! This and Prometheus are the two movies that I am most looking forward to seeing this summer. As soon as I see The Avengers myself this weekend, I’ll read your review on your blog and leave one of my long rambling comments there as well, no doubt. I’ve enjoyed every Marvel movie (even 2008’s The Incredible Hulk) leading up to The Avengers, so I’m positive I won’t be disappointed.

    I agree that MIB looks like a very good time indeed. I love the contrasting personalities of Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) in these films. My only concern is that they limit TLJ’s screen-time – as they did in MIB II – too much, because of the time-travel storyline. Still, Josh Brolin’s portrayal of the younger Agent K looks spot on in the trailer, so I’m hopeful that this MIB will be at least as good as the other two.

    I’ll be interested in reading your review of Dark Shadows, if for no other reason to find out if you’re interested in it because you’re a fan of the show (I suspect you are too young to have watched the 1960’s daytime drama) or because of your love of all things Tim Burton. As I mentioned in the post, I’m neither, so the film will have to be good despite these two negatives to my mind’s eye.

    I understand your hesitation to see Battleship at the theater, because the trailer features nothing but effects-laden battle scenes that unfortunately bring to mind the three Transformers movies. I love the Transformers films, in a very guilty pleasure sort of way, but I’m wondering how much more that they can do visually with these machine-monster mash ups. Thanks for taking the hit for us on this one, FC!