Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Falling Skies, the science fiction alien invasion drama on TNT, will be returning for a second season of ten more episodes, starting on June 17, 2012 at 9:00 PM.
I had some reservations about this show in the early episodes of season one, but as the show progressed, I grew to enjoy it more and more. While I still find the main character Tom Mason to be a trifle dull, he is at least likable and somewhat relatable. I understood his obsession with recovering his son Ben, but I was glad when that storyline was resolved half-way through season one. Mason even demonstrated overt affection towards Anne Glass in the final episode of season one, which was a classic case of better-late-than-never. I really like Pope, the classic anti-hero of the show, and I was happy when he gradually integrating himself into The Second by making himself useful as more than just a good cook. The cliffhanger ending where Mason was taken away willingly by the aliens was a bit of a drag – especially knowing I was going to have to wait almost a year before seeing if he would survive the encounter – but the suspense was somewhat mitigated by the fact that he is the lead of the program.
Here is a three-and-a-half minute preview of the first episode of the second season of Falling Skies, which features a fast-paced battle between members of The Second and the alien Skitters and the alien robot Mechs! Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the video clip! I watched it earlier with a few of my co-workers at Dish, and we all agree that season two looks like it’ll be bigger, better, and perhaps badder (in a good way). Unfortunately, I’ll be at work every time there’s a new episode, so I think I might spring for a Sling Adapter. I’ll just have to download the Dish Remote Access app that it works with, and I’ll be able to watch live TV on my Android. It’s definitely not my big screen, but it will be nice to watch this new breed of alien while I sit in my cubicle.

  2. Hi, Hayden!

    I agree, that between this extended clip and some of the other promotional information on TNT’s official Falling Skies web site, it looks like season 2 will indeed be “bigger, better, and perhaps badder (in a good way” than season 1.

    I’m surprised that if you work for Dish Network that you don’t have a DVR to record Falling Skies with, so that you can watch it on your big screen when you get off work. I have Comcast cable and I watch everything either on my DVR or On Demand, because my real job requires me to wake up at 5am Monday through Friday and I can’t watch anything “live” after 9pm. I don’t know how anyone can watch anything on a tiny 3 inch smart phone screen – especially something so special effects laden as Falling Skies. I guess because you’re in the industry, watching TV at work is okay for you. I feel guilty just checking my email on my phone at work.

    Thanks for stopping by GOTG!, Hayden!

    1. Actually, I do have a DVR, but since I also go to school full-time, I don’t have too much time to sit at home to watch live TV or my recordings. The two key things about the Dish Remote Access app that will be beneficial to me are that I can watch live TV and my DVR recordings on it. Believe me, I’d much rather watch TV on the real thing, but with my busy summer ahead, I’m glad I’ll be able to squeeze in some TV where I can. I hate being out of the loop on my favorite shows, especially one as emotionally and action packed as Falling Skies.