Sunday, April 8, 2012


In the fourth part of Zombzany Meets Doc Freak titled "Howling Hibernation", Zombzany is standing beside "Doc" Freak, when he hears the howling of what he assumes is a werewolf attempting to invade his cemetery. Zombzany leaves to investigate and Doc Freak suddenly becomes animate once again. Taking a bottle of some type of poison out of his lab coat pocket, Freak gleefully begins pouring the majority of its contents into Zombzany’s large coffee mug. Freak then immediately leaves Zombzany’s throne tomb before the Necromancer returns.
Zombzany at last finds the source of the “howling” and it is none other than his skeletal zombie servant, Bill E. Bones! Bones is cowering behind a tree, hoping to avoid the punishing wrath of his vengeful master! Zombzany sees the cringing Bones and unleashes a spectacular spell of detonation upon Bill.
Zombzany returns to his crypt, to find that Freak has left the premises. Assuming that his spell of immobilization has worn off, Zombzany is glad that Freak has fled so that he can resume his eloquent and informative discourse on the next horror film in the movie marathon, Ghost of Frankenstein. Evidently Freak was lurking nearby, because once again he rushes onto the “set” and regales Zombzany on the virtues of Ghost of Frankenstein. Zombzany is becoming more bored than irritated by Freak’s ravings and takes a protracted swallow of his contaminated coffee. Almost immediately, Zombzany falls into a deep coma-like state. Doc Freak turns around to see that his scheme to decimate the Dominator of the Dead has succeeded and jumps for joy at the prospect of taking over the hosting of the classic horror movie marathon.
Enjoy, Zombzany Meets Doc Freak - Part Four - Howling Hibernation!

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