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Podcast of the Month for April 2012 is:
Tuning in to SciFi TV

The following is from their "about the show" page on their web site:

In this podcast Wendy, Kevin and Brent will talk about many of the SciFi and genre shows that are currently on TV. We’ll also discuss good shows from the past as well.
Think of us as the viewer’s digest, tour guides or sherpas for the genre rather than critics.   We’ll always share our honest opinions but we also plan to keep things fun.
Since everyone has a different viewing pace we’ll structure our episodes into segments.
The Watercooler segment is where we have some general non-spoilery discussions about different things going on in the genre and other topics that we think you’ll find interesting.
The Back Porch is where we kick back and start talking details about certain shows or topics. This segment could be about any show, any episode or any plot line. We’ll be sure to tell you which shows we will be discussing in the show notes on our blog and also in the comments on the MP3 file so you can choose to skip that segment in case you’re not caught up on that TV show quite yet.
We do weekly Tuner Minutes where the crew comments on whatever is on their mind and invites listeners to share their thoughts in the forum or by dropping us a voicemail.
Most weeks we’ll also release a Last Call segment, which is a place where we just ramble about things we couldn’t fit into the regular show.


Wendy Hembrock, Brent Barrett, and Kevin Bachelder are the three regular hosts and each of them has enough variations of personal taste that you get a nice balance of opinions on the various genre shows that are currently on the air. One of my favorite things about Tuning into SciFi TV is that they review all the new episodes of each week of Television every week! This is quite an accomplishment when you think of how many sci-fi, fantasy and horror shows are currently on broadcast, cable and premium cable TV.
Every regular episode starts with the The Watercooler segment in which the three hosts review every genre TV show and rate it with a simple comment of: watch it now, watch it soon, let it sit on the DVR or you can skip it. They cover all genre programs even including animated programs and fringe shows like Community. This segment isn’t very useful until you listen to the podcast for a while and get to know what the personal tastes of each host are. When you know what shows they love and what type of shows they dislike, then their simple rating system does help to judge the quality of individual episodes. One of the running gags of this segment is that Kevin doesn’t watch any animated shows and Brent and Wendy sometimes act in mock surprise when Kevin gives his obligatory “Not watching” for shows like Young Justice, Green Lantern and The  Avengers.
The middle segment of the show is a news piece. This part of the show is very loose and they not only cover different pieces of news that have come out in the past week, but they comment on interviews they’ve read, or other interesting promotional materials for their favorites shows that are currently airing. This segment also includes listener feedback and Wendy, Kevin and Brent always comment on the opinions of the listeners. This segment is also very spoiler sensitive; so whichever host is reading the news always warns the listener if they think something is spoilerific or not.
Last Call segment is uploaded as a separate episode and with good reason. They discuss in explicit detail specific episodes. If you haven’t yet watched the episode of the genre TV show that they are discussing, you don’t want to listen to Last Call. At the very  least you want to skip over the episodes that they discuss that you haven’t yet seen.
If you love genre TV and watch as much of it as I do, you’ll love Tuning in to SciFi TV. Even if you only watch a few genre shows, Tuning in to SciFi TV is a good way of learning about shows that you may want to try out.
If you want to go to their web site and check out some of their podcasts, go to this link:

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