Thursday, April 21, 2011


In part eleven of Introducing Zombzany the Necromancer, Zombzany concludes his Hammer Horror Movie Marathon by asking Bill E. Bones how many zombies he saw. Bones makes a few guesses, but Zombzany is not satisfied by his answers. Bill makes one wise crack too many and Zombzany proceeds to return Bones to his grave. Enjoy the final episode of this series, Introducing Zombzany the Necromancer- Part Eleven!

This is the last bit of video that I got off of this first tape that I ganked from Zombzany’s video vault. The old media whore that Zombzany is, there were many more of these dusty old tapes in there that I tucked in my lab coat while he was dirt napping. So you can look forward to seeing more of these videos staring Zombzany, Bill E. Bones, Major Mac Maniac and even your favorite freak, Fritz “Doc” Freakenstein! Let me know what you think of these videos so far and tell me which of Zombzany’s friends or fiends you’d like to see the most!

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