Saturday, April 2, 2011


In anticipation of the return of Doctor Who's sixth season on BBC American here in the states on April 23, I found this brilliant Trock song! Trock is a portmanteau of Timelords and Rock and is used to describe a wave of music started by YouTube partner Nerimon and his band Chameleon Circuit. Styles of music can vary from hard-rock to acoustic, but the underlying theme is the adventures of Doctor Who.

This is their song Galifreyan History 101, which runs down the entire back story of the Timelords in four minutes and sixteen seconds!


  1. I was a bit remiss in not mentioning that Chameleon Circuit’s self-titled CD can be purchased or download from their record label’s web site DBFTDA Records at this link: It contains 11 fantastic Doc Who themed tracks: 01. An Awful Lot of Running/02. Gallifreyan History 101/03. Count the Shadows/04. Shipwrecked /05. Type 40 /06. Blink/07. Exterminate, Regenerate/08. K9’s Lament/09. Journey’s End/10. Friends of the Ood [Acoustic]/11. Exterminate, Regenerate [Demo, CD-Only Bonus Track]

  2. My friend. I know you've had the clock on. Enjoy the new Who.

    I tried getting into this New doctor earlier, but I was having a hard time because I need to start at the beginning with this guy. I was a little lost trying to follow it.

    I was also looking for that potential Elisabeth Sladen look back but nothing was noted on the cable guide. If you see or hear anything let me know.

    Enjoy Doc! Best, SFF

  3. Hi, Sci-Fi Fanatic! Glad you liked the Doctor Who countdown clock gadget. I got it off of the BBC’s Doctor Who web site!

    I’ve been watching Doctor Who since he first aired on PBS here in the mid-70s! I was a bit apprehensive about the new series, but have been enjoying it immensely! My favorite “new” Doctor has been the tenth Doctor played by David Tennant, but Matt Smith’s Doctor has won me over pretty quickly.

    Yes, it is best to watch season five of the eleventh Doctor first (now on DVD/Blu-ray), as there is quite a lot of character – if not story – continuity from that season to the sixth season.

    There was a very brief tribute to Elizabeth Sladen at the conclusion of the end credits of “The Impossible Astronaut” episode that ran on BBC America last night. It was a small inserted video of Sarah Jane Smith waving at the camera with the simple words “Elizabeth Sladen - February 1, 1946 – April 19, 2011” underneath.

    For a much more moving and lengthy video tribute to Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith watch the video that ran on CBBC in the UK. Here is a link to it that was posted on YouTube:

  4. I so appreciate your link. Thank you. I will check that out later with a vodka tonic. : )

    I am right there with you. I love David Tennant. I have all my DVDs lined up for viewing but I have been stuck in Elisabeth Sladen mode of late. Very sad. I am currently watching Genesis OF The Daleks for my next Doctor Who installment.

    What a loss.

    I also ordered the third volume of Sarah Jane Adventures. I look forward to it. Cheers. I will have to order the New Doctor Who Blu-Rays someday soon.