Tuesday, September 28, 2010



One of my favorite podcasts that I still listen to on a regular basis is Slice of SciFi.
Here is their About Us from their web site:

Slice of SciFi originally began as the voice of the SAVE ENTERPRISE campaign of Spring 2005, when loyal Star Trek fans rallied to the cause of saving a cancelled “Star Trek: Enterprise” series, and garner it a previously highly-anticipated 5th season. When that campaign fell on deaf Paramount ears, despite its success in generating fan support and unprecedented fan funding, Slice of SciFi continued to support the Star Trek fan base that had provided its starting point, but branched out into the wider arena of science fiction, fantasy and horror media: television, film, comics, and new media such as fan films, audio dramas, online animated comics and more.
The show was so popular, and garnered so much fan feedback that eventually, it was necessary to spin off the Voicemail Show, dedicated just to fan feedback, in order to keep the original show from consistently hitting running times of 90 minutes or more! Both Slice of SciFi and its companion Voicemail Show are fan favorites, and appeal to SF media geeks of all ages.
The funny, irreverent but always relevant discussion from show hosts Michael R. Mennenga, Summer Brooks and Brian Brown always make for lively entertainment. Interviews with today’s top stars and genre production professionals, such as Ira Steven Behr, Walter Koenig, Jim Butcher, Samuel L. Jackson, Katee Sackhoff and an array of other top names in show business, are always on the cutting edge and timely.
In December 2005, Slice of SciFi made the jump to broadcast, finding an additional home on XM Satellite Radio, Channel 163, and bringing the show to a broad new fan base at the same time. In December 2007 Slice of SciFi became part of the growing Sirius Satellite Radio family of programming, and can now also be heard on Sirius Channel 117.
The Slice of SciFi website doubles as an online news magazine (ezine), lead for nearly 4 years by the now retired Samuel K. Sloan, and currently headed up by Michael Hickerson who continues to manage a team of reporters dedicated to bringing fans the latest news and developments in SF television and film, in science, technology, space exploration, and more, while the shows themselves focus on featured news from that week, plus interviews with actors, producers, directors and others who create the shows we love to watch and the technology that we marvel at.

The reason I wanted to share Slice of SciFi with you,, is that the September 11 podcast featured an interview with the director of Resident Evil: Afterlife - Paul W. S. Anderson. In the interview, he gives some very good reasons for why he shot the new Resident Evil movie in 3D and why he (like James Cameron) thinks that 3D is the "next step" in the evolution of film. In my review of Resident Evil: Afterlife, I attempted to explain why my experiencing the new 3D process was important and I think Mr. Anderson does a wicked good job of explaining this as well.

If you don't want to listen to the entire Slice of SciFi podcast, the Anderson interview comes in at about 31 minutes into the podcast.



  1. Thanks for this Doc. Not unlike Slice Of SciFi, I too wish Enterprise picked up that 5th season. I always enjoyed that particular franchise.

  2. I thought a sci fi fanatic such as you might like the Slicers! I am wondering when I hear such directors as Cameron and now Anderson speak of 3D as the next step for film, where that will leave standard 2D films. TV is where I think 3D will have a real tough time making headway. Many people are still resistant to HD because of the additional costs involved!

    I'm sorry; I didn't share your enthusiasm for Enterprise. It was a slight improvement over ST: Voyager, but I just couldn’t see it as Trek because of the different style of tech and its more “realistic” approach to storytelling. I am also not a fan of Scott Bakula and I felt he was a weak Captain.

  3. I completely understand your problems with Enterprise. I'm not a huge Bakula fan, but he did win me over generally speaking. I did enjoy it.

    3D- just not sold on it. I know Cameron is a visionary, but I'm just not on board at this time. Not sure I ever will be.