Saturday, December 29, 2012


In the eighth and final part of Zombzany and the Undead Doc Freak -- which I've titled "Bad to the Last Drop" -- Zombzany introduces the final film of the horror movie marathon, while waiting for his newly silenced zombie slave Doc Freak to return with his final caffeinated beverage of the evening. Freak bows before his master and delivers him his coffee. After taking a long sip, Zombzany begins to choke and realizes that Freak has once again spiked his coffee with sugar. Zombzany grabs Freak by the collar and drags him out of his Tomb to deliver a king-size beat-down on his disobedient zombie slave. Myron then mercifully, or mercilessly, depending on your taste in zombie films, segues into the final film of the marathon.

When they come back from the end of the final film, Zombzany reads a new scripted soliloquy to bring the horror movie marathon to a close. Clearly unhappy with the script, Zombzany inquires of his zombie slaves, who wrote the closing speech, but none dare challenge the Dominator of the Dead. Displeased with his newly zombiefied slave, Zombzany decides the best punishment for Doc Freak is to return to him his mortal life. Zombzany casts a powerful remortalisation spell on Doc Freak, which causes Freak to fall head-over-heels onto the ground. Quickly recovering, Doc Freak realizes that his is once again mortal and runs back to his lab vowing vengeance on Zombzany. Zombzany merely smiles and returns to the beloved sanctuary of his tomb.

Enjoy Zombzany and the Undead Doc Freak: Part Eight -- Bad to the Last Drop.

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