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Podcast of the Month for December 2012 is:

Geek Out Loud!

As Steve Glosson says at the beginning of every Geek Out Loud podcast, “Welcome to Geek Out Loud, your safe place to geek out.” which is precisely what he and his “podcasting partner for life” Derek, do on each and every episode. Geek Out Loud is one of the most loosely structured, but categorically comedic podcasts on the Internets. Every Geek Out Loud episode is unique in both subject matter and structure. What is consistent is the big heart and geek love that Steve communicates in each podcast. Steve occasionally works solo, or with guest co-hosts, but he is at his best when working with Derek, who has the ability to make Steve laugh uncontrollably and often.

Here is how Steve and Derek describe themselves on their Geek Out Loud website:

Steve Glosson
He resides in a small town in Southern Georgia USA. He’s been a geek his whole life. “It started with Star Wars and grew from there.” says Steve of his geekdom. Steve is the founder and primary contributor to Geek Out Online, and the host of Geek Out Loud: The Official Podcast of Geek Out Online. Steve’s vision was to create a place online where people would come to talk about the things they enjoy as it pertains to geekdom rather than complain about everything that is wrong with comics, movies, and sci fi. As Steve says of Geek Out Loud and Geek Out Online, he tries to make this a “safe place” to geek out. Whether it’s bad impressions or poking fun at himself, fun is the key and Steve tries to bring a little bit in all he does.

Derek Russel
The host of Starkville’s House of El and The Skynext Podcast. Derek is another lifelong geek who, by his own testimony, wore a Superman cape on his first Halloween. He and Steve met through a series of e-mails and circumstances and have been a dynamic duo ever since. Derek appears occasionally on Geek Out Loud and works behind the scenes with Steve to help him keep up with all the coolest news, latest trailers, and geeky goodness. It has been said that Derek and Steve actually share some sort of Vulcan mind meld type thing. To this outlandish idea, Steve was heard to reply, “Vulcan? Of course not. That’s Star Trek, and everyone knows how I feel about that show. It’s the force…and it’s totally serendipitous.” Check out Derek’s blog Totally Serendipitous for his thoughts on television happenings, his life, and occasional Vlogs.

Episodes of Geek Out Loud have ranged in topics from films like The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises to TV shows like Smallville and Clone Wars. Topics range the full gambit of all things geek; so be prepared for anything to be discussed on Geek Out Loud. What keeps me listening to each episode of Geek Out Loud is the back and forth banter between Steve and Derek. Sometimes Derek has fun messing with Steve, like the time he declared that from now on he wanted to be known as Sean Phillips. Derek also was jealous of Steve’s co-host Buck on The Big Honkin’ Show, a podcast that they did live every Saturday morning on Usenet. Derek kept saying that he wanted to be Buck, because Buck was much cooler than him and it took much cajoling from Steve (between fits of laughter) to convince Derek that he was just as cool as Buck.

If you want to be entertained by a podcast and sometimes informed, Geek Out Loud is a safe place to geek out – indeed!

For more information on Geek Out Loud go to their web site:

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