Tuesday, August 21, 2012


In the sixth part of Zombzany and the Missing Maniac -- which I've titled "Zombeatnik’s Psychic Zone" -- Zombzany gives a less-than-flattering introduction to another modern zombie movie in the marathon, bemoaning the fact that he can’t just run White Zombie again.

Zombzany shows the last of his rare video tapes from his Archives Vault during this marathon. This video is another of his failed TV programs, utilizing a character he created in his early Television days. Zombeatnik’s Psychic Zone was to be a psychic hotline call-in program, where people could call in to Zombeatnik the Hip Psychic to get answers to questions about their problems. Zombeatnik would enter into the Psychic Plane and rap with various dead celebrities to confer with them on his caller’s difficulties. In this this particular episode, Zombeatnik receives a call from an alleged regular client, who Zombeatnik refers to as “Big Daddy” Bill.

Following the Psychic Zone, Zombzany introduces the last zombie film of the marathon. It is without a doubt the worst film of the evening and Zombzany doesn’t even try to hide his contempt of it.

Enjoy Part Six of Zombzany and the Missing Maniac -- Zombeatnik’s Psychic Zone!

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