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Podcast of the Month for August 2012 is:
The Comic Book Podcast|Talking Comics!

I listen to several different comic book podcasts every week. I enjoy listening to these – for the most part – comic book fans discuss the latest comic book news and  - more importantly – their latest favorite comic books from that week. The Comic Book Podcast posted weekly by the folks at Talking Comics is not the oldest of comic book podcasts. In fact, they have only been podcasting since October 12th of 2011. However, they very quickly found their format, their niche, and most importantly their personality and for me that makes them one of the best comic book podcasts.
The podcast is made up of four comic book fans:
Bobby Shortle is the Editor-In-Chief of the Talking Comics website and is the Podcast Host. Bobby describes himself as having “had plenty of podcasting experience and one might even consider him a podcast guru (like the rest of the Talking Comics podcast crew).” In addition to founding and contributing to the Talking Comics web site and podcast, Bobby works on Fanboy Remix, Doctor Whocast and The Man Cave Podcast.
Stephanie Cooke is the Associate Editor/Community Manager of the Talking Comics website and is a Podcast Co-Host. Stephanie describes herself as “a lover of video games armed with a PS3, Xbox360, Nintendo Wii, PSP, and a DS as my weapons of choice. Additionally, she is an avid reader and lover of all things relating to comic books and books in general. While being a fan of so many of the platforms within the geek culture, she also loves to kick it old school with her rad collection of board games. You can always find her rocking out to her favorite music or devouring movies by the handful. Should you be lucky enough, you can also choose to marvel at her epic collections of comic book figures, movie memorabilia and more.”
Steve Seigh is the Executive Editor and is a Podcast Co-Host. Steve describes himself as “a master of video games and an avid concertgoer. He is quite possibly the male equivalent to a crazy cat lady and lives in a magical world called New York. Steve also enjoys long walks on the beach (with his cat, Moo Moo), cooking exotic pancakes and watching movies. When he’s not writing for Talking Comics, you can find him over at where Steve writes a bi-weekly column all about animation called Ink & Pixel.
Bob Ryer is the resident Comic Book Historian and a Podcast Co-Host. Bob may not contribute to the web site, or participate in the other social media sites for Talking Comics. However, his comic book reading experiences go back to the early days of Marvel and DC and his ready knowledge of the history of comics is a valuable asset to the podcast.
The format for The Comic Book Podcast|Talking Comics is simple: They begin each cast with each podcaster giving their Comic Book Pick of the Week. Most times these picks consist of the latest superhero releases from Marvel or DC, but they do occasionally delve into comics published by Image, Dark Horse, IDW and comic book companies that publish non-superhero comics. Stephanie Cooke is the most ardent supporter of the “Independent” publishers and also recommends web comics from time to time.
Most often they follow this with Comic Book News, where they discus what the latest comic book stories could mean to their fellow comic book fans. In their latest podcast “Issue #43: Marvel Movie News, Marvel Now Teams and July Sales” they spent over forty-five minutes discussing the writer and artists teams that were announced for the forthcoming Marvel Now books!
They then spend time on the podcast by answering questions from listeners who send in various comics related queries via email, Facebook or Twitter. This often reveals more about the tastes of the podcasters than any other segment on the podcast.
Every podcast ends with Bobby reading all the comic book titles released during that week and his fellow podcasters are encouraged to join in with a  yeah or nay!

They also occasionally veer from their weekly format and do entire shows dedicated to specific topics or feature shows dedicated to interviews with comic book creators. On a special podcast titled “Women in Comics Podcast: Trina Robbins” from July 20, they did both. In fact, during the week of July 16 through July 20, they did four separate podcasts featuring Women in Comics and did interviews with Kelly Sue DeConnick, Fiona Staples, as well as the afore mentioned Trina Robbins.
I like this podcast because like my other favorite podcasts it feels like you are getting together with your fellow comic book fans and discussing what your latest favorite comic books are. They definitely focus on the positive side of the hobby and don’t tend to hate on things they don’t like for too long. If you are a comic book reader like me, you should definitely try The Comic Book Podcast|Talking Comics!
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