Sunday, July 22, 2012


In the fourth part of Zombzany and the Missing Maniac -- which I've titled "Zombzesty the Chillin’ Chef’s Roadkill Café” -- Zombzany gives a brief introduction to the next zombie movie in the marathon and somehow manages to insult his zombie slaves Bill E. Bones and Sebastian as well.

Yet again, Zombzany shares another rare video tape from his Archives Vault. This video is another of his cable TV programs that featuring a character he called Zombzesty the Chillin’ Chef on a program entitled Zombzesty the Chillin’ Chef’s Roadkill Café. The Zombzesty character was apparently supposed to be a Cajun cook, as Zombzany uses a ridiculous French accent throughout the show. In this episode, Zombzesty is concocting a dish he called Bones a la Bisque, which is a type of soup that apparently requires nearly a half-gallon of brandy. Zombzesty intersperse many gags into the show, including having the crew of the show throw bon-bons at him. The show concludes with Zombzesy having to make a hasty retreat to avoid a confrontation with the “gendarmes.”

Enjoy Part Four of Zombzany and the Missing Maniac -- Zombzesty the Chillin’ Chef’s Roadkill Café!


  1. LMAO! This guy is hilariously cheesy. Reminds me of local TV host here called Son of Svengoolie. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's very much appreciated.

  2. I'm wicked happy that Zomzesty made you laugh, Melissa!

    Zombzany comes off as an old stick-in-the-mud, but put him in front of a camera - particularly when he's hiding behind one of his characters - and he's a big old ham.

    Even though I live on the East Coast, I'm familiar with (then) Son of Svengoolie when he was briefly syndicated here in the early 80's. A big influence on the Zombzesty character was Cleveland's The Ghoul, who did a cooking show called "Chef Curdle, The Galloping Ghoulmete". The Ghoul was also syndicated here in the early 70's and was an influence on both myself and Zombzany (although he'd no doubt refute that).

    It's always a pleasure to "chat" with you Melissa, both here and on your blog. Thank you very much for your positive comments!