Tuesday, March 20, 2012


In the third part of Zombzany Meets Doc Freak titled "Silent for a Spell", Zombzany is sitting on his throne, while “Doc” Freak and Bill E. Bones are standing behind him. Zombzany is already complaining about the films, when he turns around to stare at Freak and Bones who are having a conversation of their own. Zombzany, in a huff of humiliation, zaps “Doc” Freak with an even more powerful spell of silence, in order that Zombzany might continue with his monologue uninterrupted.

Coming back from yet another film, Zombzany drones on about a film he obviously knows little about and behind him, the still mute “Doc” Freak pantomimes frantically behind Zombzany’s back. Finally taking notice of the manic Freak, Zombzany – at the end of his very short rope – lashes out with his most powerful spell yet: A spell of Immobilization!  In obvious contempt of the now “stiff” Freak, Zombzany places his staff – which also doubles as a magical light – in the inert hands of “Doc” Freak. Pleased with himself, Zombzany introduces the next film of the horror movie marathon.

Enjoy, Zombzany Meets Doc Freak - Part Three - Silent for a Spell!


  1. Where can I get one of those cool staffs? :)

  2. Don’t bother looking for a Necromancer Power Staff on eBay or craigslist, because unless you are a practicing Necromancer Supreme, like Zombzany himself, you’re out of luck! A Necromancer’s Power Staff is much like a Jedi Knight’s light saber. Upon rising to the level of Necromancer Supreme – which in Zombzany’s and many other Necromancer’s case, involves slaying their Necromancer Mage-Master – the new Necromancer Supreme forges their own individual power staff through a unique process call Magicallurgy, which is a combination of magic and metal forging. This process bonds the staff to the user for life and makes it pretty useless to anyone dumb enough to try and steal one from a Necromancer Supreme. Take it from someone who was dumb enough to try and barely lived to tell the tale!