Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This video tape of my first encounter with my undead neighbor, Zombzany, was collecting dust at the bottom of my pile of tapes stolen from Zombzany’s private collection. As I have mentioned in the past, Zombzany at this point in his career as a horror movie host was reduced to peddling his services to any group of horror movie fans that could afford him. This recording is another job that Zombzany accepted to host a Scare-a-thon for a local film group. I know Zombzany was not proud of these gigs and I think he only kept them to keep them from falling into the wrong hands of someone such as myself. I think if Zombzany had known that this was the first recording of his meeting with me, Doc Freak – as he incorrectly addressed me at the time – he might have destroyed it instead.
The terrible condition I found this video tape in demonstrates that Zombzany indeed had no fondness for our encounters. I had to dub this tape off of a video monitor, because the format was incompatible with any functioning video tape equipment that I still own. Another reason that the image is so grainy and fuzzy is that Myron, Zombzany’s zombie cameraman was not only unfamiliar with the white balance control of the camera, but the manual focus control either. Unfortunately, it is the only copy I have of this historic -- or should I say histrionic – first videotaped meeting of Zombzany and myself.
For the sake of clarity, I will be referring to myself in the third person for the following description of this video.

In the first part of Zombzany Meets Doc Freak -- which I've titled "Lights Out", Zombzany is sitting on his throne and preparing to host yet another horror movie marathon, when all the lights in go out in his tomb. Zombzany turns to see that the only light in the neighborhood is coming from the vicinity of Doc Freak's laboratory. Determined to force Freak to fix his loss of power so that he can carry on with his "Scare-a-thon", Zombzany stomps off towards Doc's lab. Zombzany bangs on Freak's door and an agitated Doc Freak answers it. After some "negotiating", Zombzany convinces Freak that he should repair the fused circuit breaker box that powers his cemetery. As Freak is fixing the circuits, Zombzany casually mentions he needs the power to host a Frankenstein movie marathon, which causes Doc Freak to get extremely excited, as Frankenstein is his favorite movie monster. Zombzany reluctantly agrees to allow Freak to observe him hosting the Frankenstein film marathon, just as Freak repairs the circuit breaker panel and restores Zombzany's power. Enjoy!

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