Saturday, September 17, 2011


This is a Public Service Announcement against drug abuse that was recorded by Zombzany in the early 1970's.

Zombzany began a children's show in the late 1950's titled Zombpetto's Puppet Palace. It featured Zombzany as Zombpetto, who wore a clownish outfit and stood on a minimalist set that featured a puppet palace and little else. In the early days, Zombpetto's puppet pals were two simple sock puppets; one black sock name Meany and one white puppet name Weany. I have one rare kinescope video copy of this show somewhere, which I hope to upload sometime.

Evidently, Zombpetto's Puppet Palace was fairly successful as the show lasted into the mid 1970's. It seems Zombzany liked to tap into the trends of the times for his puppet show and in the 1970's Zombpetto's Puppet Palace starred two hairy hippy puppets named Leach and Bong. I'm amazed at some of the drug references that Zombpetto got away with on this show! Perhaps this anti-drug PSA was a way for the station that aired Zombpetto's Puppet Palace to demonstrate that it was in no way supporting or condoning the casual use of drugs or narcotics of any kind. It's ironic that Zombpetto's Puppet Palace was most likely written by, directed by and produced by the very drug using hippies that this spot is denouncing.

Zombpetto's Puppet Palace is one of my personal favorite shows featuring a nom de plume of Zombzany, because this character's dress and personality are the complete opposite of his own. Just that red ball nose is enough to crack me up every time I watch one of these shows! Enjoy this video of Zompetto's Puppet Palace anti-drug PSA!

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