Saturday, June 26, 2010


Every month, on Friday nights when the moon is full, I dig up Bill E. Bones' zombie homeboys from Zombzany's cemetery and we have a kick ass party! Why only once a month, you ask? Only when the moon is full does Zombzany the Necromancer take leave of his cemetery to wander in search of more corpses to resurrect and repopulate his necropolis. To celebrate this brief moment of freedom from his necromantic slavery, Zombzany's zombies gather in his graveyard to party till the break of dawn! Ever since I started hangin' with my boney buddy, we've been dancing with the dead every month! No one knows how to party like a zombie! I bring my amplifier and speakers, along with my CD player and latest Cd's (yeah, I know... I haven't upgraded to an mp3 player, but the zombies still think 8-track tapes are high tech). Zombies seem to really dig classic rock -- I still don't understand their fascination with The Grateful Dead -- but recently I've turned them on to the rockinest band in the world! No, it's not Kiss! It's Lordi!

Lordi is a Finnish heavy metal band that sports wicked cool monster costumes and plays tunes inspired by the best of classic and modern horror movies. Their first album, GET HEAVY, features the single "Would You Love a Monsterman?" and other kick ass tunes like "Devil is a Loser", Monster, Monster" and the title track "Get Heavy". Their second album -- and my personal favorite -- is THE AROCKALYPSE and features "The Dead Girls Gone Wild", "They Only Come Out at Night", "The Chainsaw Buffet", "Supermonsters" and my fave "Who's Your Daddy?". If you really want a good rockin' night, buy the special edition CD and you get an additional DVD that has a live concert of Lordi, a documentary on the band and some their best music videos, including the iconic "Would You Love a Monsterman?". Lordi's latest CD is DEADEACHE and even though it isn't quite as badical as their first two releases, it still has some kick ass tunes like "Bite it Like a Bulldog",  "Man Skin Boots" and "Raise Heaven in Hell". You don't have to be a zombie to rock out to Lordi. You just have to have a need to listen to loud, hard rockin' heavy metal monster music! Rock on, Freaks!


  1. Hahaha, Lordi! I remember when they won the Eurovision Song Contest. Who would have thought that they'd still be going?

  2. Lordi's monster costumes make even metal fans think they're a joke. If you listen to their music they craft catchy pop-metal tunes that any fan of good hard rock should love. If you're a horror film fan, you should love 'em even more!

  3. porra ...muito legal
    não conhecia não,lordi muito massa