Sunday, January 31, 2010


Freak may be the moderator of this blog, but I’m the brains of this genre guarding gazette! That’s me, Bill E. Bones, the only undersized skeleton zombie willing to share a blog with Freak. Yes, I call him Freak because it suits him better than his surname. The false-bearded freak that’s pulling my strings, thinks he’s putting words in my boney jaws, but I have certain powers of mental manipulation that allow me to put one over on the mundane maniac! After all, if I can bamboozle a 150-year-old Necromancer, than Mr. Mundane should be a pushover. No, I’m not wasting my time here explaining who Zombzany the Necromancer is. I’ll let “Doc” Freak fill you in on that bloated windbag if he wants to. Back to the matters at hand – boney as they may be: I spend as much time as Freak keeping up with the latest in films, books and music, so don’t be surprised when I pipe in with my opinions on all things genre on this blog too. Keep reading, because these bad ass bones won’t give you a bum steer!


  1. Hey there, B. E. Bones! Good luck with the blog! I know Svengoolie well as a long-time viewer, and am on a Dark Shadows board with Ms. Penny Dreadful, just to name-drop slightly!

  2. Thanks for your interest and good whishes with our blog, Magnus! “Doc” Freak and I are happy just to have Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In to watch here locally. Oddly, even though Penny Dreadfull’s Shilling Shockers is produced here in Massachusetts, Freak doesn’t get her show on his crummy cable. I do have the first two seasons of her show on DVD and recommend them highly. You’re lucky to be within the broadcast range of the veteran horror host Svengoolie. His show ran very briefly in the Boston area in the mid-80’s and I thought it was bone-tastic! Of course, my favorite on the show is Tombstone the talking skull. He really busts my bones!