Monday, November 14, 2011


In Part Eight of Zombzany and Major Maniac's Sci-Fi Marathon, Zombzany is stalking through his graveyard, using the light of his necromancy-charged staff to find his way through the smoke enshrouded night. Zombzany has sent his slow and dimwitted zombie servant Sebastian ahead to the underdeveloped region of Zombzany’s cemetery to investigate the cause of the crash, but as usual the zombie appears to have gotten lost. Zombzany is forced to explore the area himself, when he is taken by surprise and attacked by an unknown creature. Zombzany seems to be held captive by the creature, so he calls for help from all his zombie slaves.
In the meantime, Bill E. Bones has returned to the safety of Zombzany’s tomb and has actually taken a seat on Zombzany’s “throne”. Bill hears Zombzany’s summons for assistance, but still upset at being bashed and banished by his Master, he chooses to ignore it. Instead, Bill E. Bones introduces the next sci-fi film of the Sci-Fi Marathon.
Enjoy Part Eight of Zombzany and Major Maniac's Sci-Fi Marathon!

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