Sunday, May 15, 2011


I was rummaging through some of Zombzany's betamax video cassette tapes and I found this old TV spot for a failed show that Zombzany and Major Mac Maniac tried to get aired on KRAP-TV 33 in the late 70's. They called it Creature Sci-Fi Horror Double Feature and it was supposed to be a double bill of science fiction and horror movies that would air every Saturday afternoon.

Apparently, at the insistence of the management of KRAP-TV, it was aimed at younger viewers who they mistakenly thought would enjoy the antics of the hosts Zombzany and Major Mac Maniac. Unfortunately, whatever they were paying the mismatched duo wasn't enough to convince Zombzany that he was to be running films that he considered to be beneath his cultured cinematic tastes.

This tape of the short promo for Creature Sci-Fi Horror Double Feature is all that survives of the unaired pilot episode. Clearly Zombzany would never be able to work amiably with Major Maniac and this disaster of a promo started a feud between the two that would continue on for decades! Enjoy this rare TV spot for Creature Sci-Fi Horror Double Feature!

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