Friday, March 25, 2011


Firefly has a dedicated following and there are many filk songs written about it. This funny, wry and witty song is a takeoff of the song from the seventh episode of Firefly called "The Ballad of Jayne Cobb". “The Man They Call Joss” is written and performed by Bedlam Bards who have released an entire album paying tribute to Firefly titled “On The Drift”.

Here is a description of their group from their web site,

We're a musical group with two-and-a-half members; that is to say, usually there's two of us, but sometimes there's three. That's a picture of us over to your left. The grey-haired guy with the guitar is Hawke, and the dark-haired fellow with the fiddle is Cedric. Pleased to meet you.

When people ask what kind of music we play, we often say Celtic, but in fact we play "Renfolk Music," that unique blend of Celtic, English, Scandinavian, and American folk music mixed in with period tunes from the Renaissance and Middle Ages that rubs shoulders with the occasional incognito rock song at most Renaissance festivals. And we have a lot of fun playing it.

Enjoy the creator of Firefly “The Man They Call Joss”!


  1. Scary enough Doc, I was just inside my CD draw and I have that Firefly fan CD with all of the music on it by these musicians. Ha.

  2. Wicked cool, Sci-Fi Fanatic! Did you buy “On the Drift” because you’re a Firefly fan, a filk fan, a fan of Bedlam Bards, or all three? Also, just out of curiosity, did you buy the CD at a SF convention or through the Internet?

    The reason I ask is because I consider myself to be a casual fan of filk music at best. My only direct experience with this fan-based music is from the various local SF conventions that I’ve attended over the past few decades. I always enjoy, to one degree or another, the live performances of the filk musicians that I’ve seen, but never enough to actually purchase their (cassette tapes – back in the day) CDs.

    My inspiration for starting “Friday Night Filk!” is partly an in-joke between myself and Phineas (see his comments for my first Friday Night Filk! Spoiler Alert by Tom Smith). The other reason was that I stumbled onto some wonder filk videos on YouTube searching for something else entirely and really wanted to share these great songs by these relatively unknown artists with my fellow Genre Guardians!

  3. Yes, really it was more a direct result of being a fan of Firefly and being a fan of the passion the Browncoats have for the series.

    SO, I bought the documentary DVD regarding the series that was compiled by the fans and the CD as well. I liked what I have heard but the CD is still in its package. You are inspiring me to pull it out and listen to it.

    Also, that documentary by the fans was sensational. The name is escaping me, but I bought them both on the net. Too busy to get out to those conventions but they'd be a blast.

    Anyway, funny you mentioned the CD! Cool! Thanks.