Saturday, February 5, 2011


In part four of Introducing Zombzany the Necromancer, you can see that he has vacated his throne to take a midnight stroll through his cemetery. Although this is only the third film of the night that he is hosting, Zombzany has already requested a cup of coffee from his zombie servant Sebastian. Zombzany hides his disdain for Horror of Dracula well; extolling the virtues of both stars of the film with moderate enthusiasm. Bill E. Bones, apparently just off camera and therefore a safe distance away, becomes more bold and verbose in his pithy interruptions of Zombzany’s soliloquy. The skeletal zombie manages to hit a dead nerve of Zombzany’s towards the end of this segment, as Bones forces a confession of Zombzany’s true feelings about vampires. Enjoy part four of Introducing Zombzany the Necromancer.


  1. Hey, Freak! When in tarnation are y’all gonna stop wastin’ everyone’s time with these dang boring old videos of that distended decrepit dirt-napper Zombzany? I sure as shootin’ cain’t be the only one who finds the King of the Windbags’ bleatings to be as interestin’ as watchin’ Godzilla vs. Mechagodilla for the spacezillionth time! Ya have ta take my word for it that that ain’t a good thing. Don’t ya have any old VHS tapes of my spaced-out zippy Sci-Fi Saturday afternoon show from my KPAP-TV 33 days? I just know that competitive corpse Zombzany used ta tape my shows ta git ideas for his lame late-night Saturday Scarecast.

    I’ll be spaced if I’m gonna waste any more of my time watchin’ these lame-ass videos. I do gotta admit I am a might partial to that skeletal midget makin’ fun of Zany’s stagnant speechafin’.

  2. Instead of complaining about my posting Zombzany videos, why don’t you write a post of your own?

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for any of your old shows to show up on this blog – or my You Tube Channel for that matter – because if Zombzany recorded your old show as you claim, he must have buried them in a different part of his cemetery from the rest of his tapes. I did find some old recordings that you made with Zombzany back in your KRAP-TV days and I will be posting them as soon as I finish with this first batch of Zombzany vids.

    Keep on space truckin’ ya old space cowboy