Sunday, April 18, 2010


Just a few short weeks ago I discovered a haven for readers of books! Yes, books! Those magical collections of paper stuffed between fantastically painted covers that transport our minds into extraordinary worlds beyond the realm of our own ordinary existences! You’ll have to excuse me for getting all poetical… I’m wicked jazzed by Shelfari! Shelfari is a social cataloging website where users can build their very own virtual bookshelves and fill them with them with virtual books! That sounds kind of dull hunh? Well, you’re either an illiterate idler or you just haven’t tried this mother-booking tome-treasurer site out! Shelfari isn’t the only social networking site dedicated to book readers, it isn’t the oldest, or even the largest, but it is owned by Amazon and therefore can pull from its ginornormous catalogue of books for reference of covers, editions, printings and other useful stuff! Shelfari is similar to other social networking sites in that you can friend people that read the same wicked cool books that you do! You can also join discussion groups on topics that range the gambit of the great three genres: horror, fantasy and science fiction! I only just became a user of Shelfari a week ago and I’ve already entered over a year’s worth of the books that I’ve read on to my bookshelf. I’ve also added the book I’m currently reading (Changes by Jim Butcher – the 12th book in his kick-ass Urban Fantasy series about the wizard Harry Dresden). I’ve recently added some of the book titles that I plan to read, so that I won’t forget to buy the ones that haven’t been published yet, or I just haven’t gotten off my lazy lab-coated butt to the bookstore to buy yet. Yes, I still buy my books at an actual three-dimensional building full of paper books. I could be all cool and 21st Century and buy my books online (I have occasionally done this too – when I couldn’t find a rarer book at a store), but I like to spend time browsing through real books, chatting up real book readers and maybe even sipping on some cappuccino while checking out the latest issue of Rue Morgue. Try doing that online, freaks! When you do go back to your dark basements or shiny laboratories – or wherever the hell you spend all your time lurking on the ‘net – check out Shelfari at and do something bookbastic!

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