Monday, February 8, 2010


by Professor Phileas Photon

I just popped in, literally, to introduce myself. My name is Professor Phileas Photon. I’m a time traveling seeker of knowledge. I will be materializing in this time and space every now and then to visit Doc Freak and keep you up on my interests. I’m not a Time Lord like The Doctor, but an ordinary human scientist with a brain the size of a planet. Technically, the brain isn’t the size of a planet and it’s not mine. The Brain belongs 9-K and it is he who allows me to travel throughout time. I didn’t have time travel in mind when designed 9-K to be an AI. I guess he read too much H.G. Wells and one thing lead to another. Eat your heart out Orac! I must adjust 9-K‘s neural interface before I pop off for more adventures in knowledge. Oh, and pardon the picture. A picture showing me in detail would have serious repercussions in the time continuum - or at least there would be a lot of explaining to do! Be seeing you.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Prof, nice of you to drop by. With all of time at your disposal I'd thought you would have "posted up" sooner. I hope you didn’t pop into the near future so that you could peep the last episode of LOST and spoiler it for everyone. Say hi to that big know-it-all 9-K for me.